• Naughty by Naturrr!

    Get ready to the COOLEST adventure
    of your Life.

Wasted Veggies-the story

Once upon a time…far, far away in a small private garden, behind a block of flats in Brooklyn.
Three super cool little vegetables ORGANICALLY growing strong and healthy…

Veggie Power

Norman aka “Rootless” the ghetto onion.
Hero, the game-aholic teenage carrot boy.
and Nina, the Beauty Queen of the tomato patch.

One day…a Mad Professor kidnap them!

He held them locked away in his top floor flat…

This Evil Professor’s plan was…

to experiment on our little vegetables.

Luckily Norman has got a plan…prison break, back to the garden.

Unfortunately, the road to freedom goes through the waste pipes.
You better buckle up because this one will be a bumpy ride!

Sticker packs

Available on the major messaging platforms…

Use Wasted Veggies stickers to message your friend 🙂

About Draco Intra

Welcome to the Draco Intra.com

Game studio based in Brighton, UK.

Indie game studio started with a simple idea. Bring joy into people’s life through games.
As an independent game studio we can let our imagination fly and the result is something truly unique and magical, but mainly very funny.
With our games we only want to put some smiles onto our player’s face and make them forget whatever is troubling them for a short time of period.
Every game is born with one simple purpose…Let’s have FUN.

At the moment the studio is working around the clock to finish our new adventure game called the “Wasted Veggies”

How an onion rapper, a gamaholic organic carrot and a teenage girl tomato get together to avoid being turned into “ZOMBIESSSSS”….

The game is scheduled to be released on iOS devices at the beginning  of 2017 and later that year to all Android devices.

Gameplay video is coming soon.


More screenshots are on the way. Check back later.